(Healing) Rituals for a Creative Life



           (My very own sprituality table)

Most nights and mornings, I light some candles, some incense, and roll out my yoga mat.

For months now I have been following the Yoga with Adriene YouTube page, and committing to at least one yoga session almost every day.

Last week, on one such candle-lit night, I chose to do a video titled:

Yoga for a broken heart – Unconditional Love”.


At this moment in time I don’t actually have a (freshly) broken heart in the traditional sense, but aren’t we all a little bit broken all of the time?

(Three of swords – Rider Waite Tarot Card)

Life breeds a variety of landmarks, both happy and sad. New jobs, new babies, the death of loved ones, the end of friendships.

How can we aid ourselves in healing from painful experiences, so that we have the energy to be creative?


Here, I will introduce you to some of the rituals I use to heal each day of my life, so that I have the mental space and capacity to write. Obviously these can also be used so you have the strength and clarity of mind, to do anything you so wish.


My favourite flavour of Incense is Frankincense, not only is it known to repel insects (yay!) But it has been used in spiritual practices for thousands of years. Burning some, (being mindful of safety) calms my mind and aids the meditative space that I find integral to writing.


I am very much a new ‘yogi’. I admit I honestly didn’t really understand the benefits beyond the physical, until I started practising it regularly. I have found it to be a real healer of wounds I was not even aware of. I don’t go to classes often due to the time, competitive atmosphere and sometimes ridiculous expense!

 There are many free videos on Youtube, and especially if you have been to classes before; it is easy to follow. There is religious and spiritual purpose behind each pose, but in simple terms there is just something about these moves, that releases emotions along with tensions.

Essential oils

Lavender oil and Tea Tree oil people! (My favourites) So inexpensive to buy and great for rubbing on temples, massages, healing minor cuts or just inhaling. (Always dilute with a carrier oil) When I am stressed I suffer from intense sinus pain. Rubbing some oils behind my ear, on my throat and forehead, works miracles.

So after some yoga, burning some incense, inhaling some lavender – it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE for me not to instantly feel like writing! Whatever way I have been feeling beforehand, all of the above combined clears my energy and sets me up for productivity.

So how will you choose to heal each day?

How do you already heal yourself each day?

Do you see the importance to actively aid emotional healing?

As we say in Yoga circles:

Namaste Txx

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