Seasons of Love – Part 2 (Poetry as Service)


 (The Fates – Wisdom of the Oracle Deck Colette Baron Reid)

How do you know when you are on the right path?

Friends may not understand, family may not want the change and yet you are shifting at an alarming rate, at a pace that is sometimes even too fast for yourself.

Everything inside and out of you is transforming, yet you know that all this really is, is a return to yourself.


About 4 years ago I left a relationship that eroded my entire sense of self.

I could not see a day without him – much less the wood for the trees.

I was lost.

I thought I was loving another unconditionally, but all I was doing was not loving  myself.

I had to dig deep to realize; that experience was preparing me to launch a life without self imposed limits.


(Poised – Wisdom of The Oracle Deck Colette Baron Reid)

Through that damaging relationship I learnt what I am here on earth to do.

“If serving is below you, leadership is beyond you.” -Anonymous:

Serving those who truly need what I have to offer – not those who wish to take advantage.

You see, when you stop serving those who wish you no good, you have the energy to serve for the highest good.

 You can commit to finding ways to serve others.

Once I realised that I was here to serve in its purest form, weights lifted from my soul and I could fly.

39 New Life; Wisdom of the Oracle; Colette Baron-Reid:

(New Life – Wisdom of the Oracle Deck Colette Baron Reid)

We are taught to love other people  more than we love ourselves.

We are taught our purpose, redemption and joy is to be found in union with another.

What if the power and redemption we seek is within ourselves? At our fingertips?

There is a wonderful lady called Deborah Alma – AKA: The Emergency Poet. She writes poems as prescriptions (light heartedly) and I once heard her speak.

It was clear that poetry was a kind of service in her eyes.

Emergency Poet

How about we find union within ourselves – so that we better know who and how to serve?



(The Sacred Union – Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Colette Baron Reid)

Through true service  – we find love.

Much love Txx

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