National Poetry Day 2016

And so here it is.

National Poetry Day 2016! October 6th.

My second National Poetry Day as a poet who is finally taking my work seriously 🙂

In honour of this, I thought I would write you a blog post with one of my actual poems in it!

Harlesden Jubilee Clock was published in Issue 2 of Avis Magazine which had a theme of Migration.

Harlesden is an area of North West London, rich in West Indian culture and influence.


Much love Txx




Harlesden Jubilee Clock.

The men in string vests

wait outside of patty shops

for any woman

to walk by – with head

held high and an ass with bounce.

“Hey sister” they call.

West Indian Lime:

Dominoes – used to be played

now only the drink

is left – behind doors.

Houses go for millions

beside the squalor

of Stonebridge Estate.

Pitbull dogs, reggae music

substandard housing.

A failure of

gentrification. (Brixton

and Hackney – success!).

Harlesden still survives –

it’s jubilee clock, Afro

Caribbean shops.


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