My Dream Job – Finding your Calling Part 1

Today I am crazy excited to share some wonderful news with you!

I will be starting my dream job in less than two weeks!

(Well my dream Library job – I have lots of dream jobs. )

I will be starting as The Librarian of RUSI at the beginning  of next month.

RUSI –  Royal United Services Institute – is an independent think tank on all things Defense and Security,  based in Whitehall, London.

This Library of Military History is rich in rare books, and special collections.

I am over the moon and cannot wait to start!

It got me thinking…does everybody have a dream job/jobs?

Today’s journal entry: my dream jobs What is your dream job?:

(Image from

The idea that everybody has a calling is a popular one.

Realistically however, many people simply cannot afford the luxury of finding out what it is.

But what if that calling, literally came knocking at your door, like a stranger in the night?

Door Knocker in Provence, France:

(Image from

I am finding that the quieter I become in life – the more meditation I do, the more time I spend in nature, the more nights I spend alone burning incense and doing yoga – the more I hear what my intuition is actually trying to tell me.

Things pop up at just the right time, and I am able to grasp opportunities quickly and fully –   rather than lamenting how I missed them.

Author of The Great Gatsy, F. Scott Fitzgerald Quote: "Our Lives are Defined by Opportunities, Even the Ones We Miss." Sag:

(Inage from Wicker Paradise)

So how on earth have I managed to do this?!

Mentioned above, my healing rituals have helped. These posts below talk more about them:

(Healing) Rituals for a Creative Life

Meditation and Mindfulness for an Inspired Life

The Importance of Balance

But the major players in seeing life changes come to fruition, have got to be the following; Focus, Motivation Commitment and Sacrifice.


Identify not what you want to do. But how you want your life to be.

Not everyone knows exactly what they want to do with their lives.

However,  I reckon with a bit of soul searching, everyone knows how they want their lives to look.

It could be the house in the countryside, to be an entrepreneur, or to have the skills to heal people.

It could be the freedom to wake up every morning at a time you fancy, rather than one dictated to you by an external schedule.

It could be the joy of seeing your children grow up one day at a time.

Focus on what you want to see in your future and then take the steps towards that.

If you want to be a yoga teacher, save up the money for a course, take the course in the evenings whilst working another job, and even if it takes 10 years (and some exhaustion!) – you can reach your goal.

47 Go the Distance; Wisdom of the Oracle; Colette Baron-Reid:

(Go the Distance – Wisdom of the Oracle Deck, by Colette Baron Reid)

Focus is about the long-haul. Things may not manifest quickly, but if you keep at it. They surely will.


Don’t find your motivation in another person. Your motivation is your responsibility.

Use the end goal to motivate you.

If your dream is to get married and have children, yet you have been online dating for months and months to no avail? Think of other ways that you can have children in your life.

Do you have nieces and nephews, brothers and sisters, is there a youth group you can volunteer with?

All of these things will motivate you to keep going, by giving you bite sized chunks of joy in between, and making your life full in the here and now.

Similarly, if dating is not working out, and a partner is what you crave, spend time meeting people non romantically, book clubs, meet ups, writing groups, salsa classes, the list is endless.

Doing these things will keep you motivated. Trust me, it is harder to motivate yourself in inaction, than in any action at all.


Up until recently I would have called myself a very committed kind of gal. I was described as conscientious at school, and I totally stick at things.

However there is a difference between sticking at things and commitment.

Commitment is the solid unwavering acceptance of what is.

What is here right now.

If that is nothing, commitment still stands.

So commit to your dreams. They may be far from reality, but they will come.

The Oracle’s message: You’ve entered a sweet time in your life, enjoying the “land of milk and honey” that everyone wants to experience. It’s an interlude that feels more languid than ambitious, when all your senses are awake to the unlimited possibilities in the universe. These times are precious and only come when you’re in your authentic zone, “wearing the world as a loose garment,” not wanting, yet able to be nourished in ways both tangible and subtle. Abundance is an energy that you are...:

(Milk and Honey – Wisdom of the Oracle Deck, by Colette Baron Reid)

Part Two will focus on what you might need to sacrifice to reach these dreams – coming soon…

Much love Txx

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