Grounding tips, for Writers and Creative Souls

So I often find myself getting carried away in life.

The excitement is just too much for me sometimes!

I don’t drink coffee because: Me + Caffeine = Anxiety .

 I pretty much wake up full of beans, and adding more to me, makes me over-beaned, so to speak.

Jar full of healthy, nutritious, delicious #coffee beans...if you love…:

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 Writing religiously for the last year, has given me a level of joy and contentment, I have not really felt before.  Surprisingly, this has led to levels of excitement/anxiety, that are not always comfortable or sustainable.

This has led me to work out ways to Ground myself.

Here are some of my tips:

Rose gold notes book:

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  1. Write with pen and paper.   It doesn’t have to be your novel or poem that you write on paper (I understand that can be impractical). Instead,  write a handwritten shopping list or to do list.

I find the act of actually touching pen to paper during the day, very grounding.

2. Take regular breaks. When I am in the thick of a creative surge, I literally take myself away from the laptop for a few minutes at a time.

Grab a cup of tea, stare out of the window, browse something useless on the internet.

This helps me to gain little bits of perspective on my work, even when I am in the midst of writing it. Editing on the go if you will.

3.Feel the earth beneath your feet.  The term ‘Grounding’ as used in this article, relates also to the idea of ‘Earthing’

“Earthing (or grounding) refers to the discovery of benefits—including better sleep and reduced pain—from walking barefoot outside or sitting, working, or sleeping indoors connected to conductive systems that transfer the Earth‘s electrons from the ground into the body.”


I walk around my house barefoot as much as possible.

Just feeling bare surfaces under my feet, helps me to feel grounded.


(me in France, too scared of the cold water to get my feet wet – but I grounded through my sandals and toes)

What are some of the ways that you use to ground yourself?

I realize that all of my tips above are about tangible practices. Something you can ‘do’ that allows you to touch or connect with something outside of yourself.

Creative people can often get caught up in the world of their minds, and grounding techniques for me, are about connecting to the 3D world again.

String Art - love this:

(image from DIY Projects, Projects and Crafts – Pinterest)

I suspect that I am not the only one who sometimes feels anxiety  in the place of excitement.

Where does this come from?

The next post will look into the idea of not feeling quite good enough, and how this can lead to a fear of success, in all aspects of our lives.

Much love Txx

4 thoughts on “Grounding tips, for Writers and Creative Souls

  1. Yup, I always work barefoot and get my shoes off as often as possible. Feeling grounded goes hand in hand with feeling free of restrictions which helps my energy flow.

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