Reading at the Woman’s Art Association


Last Friday, the 11th of the 11th month, I took part in an event for the Woman’s Art Association Wales.

I read a number of poems for members of the association, and members of the public, who had gathered together to enjoy art and conversation.


Above is a chapbook that I produced for the event, and I include one of the poems that I read below. It is about my wonderful Mother.

Much love Txx

Goddess:  My mother, who dreams vividly at night.  

She runs         

like a goddess

over night time

wailing and


things like
“leave Leroy


She wakes

with smile

childlike giggle


What else
Does she

who bore 7

do at night?
between mundane


What landscape


wild hair

dirty boots.

at night away


children who parent

her. Mother who left

yet is here again

beside her
Old age  

is a uniter.

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