When You Just Know

  (Deep Knowing – Wisdom of the Oracle Deck, by Collete Baron Reid)


Lately, I have begun to accept there are many things I ‘just know’.

I think all of us have lots of things we know, that have no basis in what may be happening right now.

We deny the things we know, shove them aside,  and try our hardest not to face them. This is because often, what we know,  is something that would require a lot of upheaval and change.

Often we don’t  want to know – what we know.

However, what if what we know is actually a good thing?

What if our deep knowing is about something so good anyone would find it hard to believe?

Including  yourself?

Some people may find what I am about to say deluded at best , arrogant at worst – but there will be people who relate to this, or who want this for themselves.

I know what I am here on earth to do.

It has been revealed to me that I am here to help people, and that finally I am on the right path towards doing that.

I say finally because for most of my life, my urge to help has been misplaced.

I spent my energy helping the romantic partners in my life.

I helped them to the point of being used.

I helped them when they were not willing to help themselves.

Once I accepted that trait in myself. That trait of codependency. I was able to move on from it.

(Six  of Pentacles – Rider Waite Tarot Deck)

The above card is about Charity. The giving of one self, but it does not have to do with just money.

It is about giving from the resources that you have.

On a pentacle scale of 1-10, 6 is not high, yet the man on the picture gives from what he has to give.

Similarly , my words are my tool for giving.

So once I knew what I was here to do, I looked at my available resources and I began.

I say began – because who knows where this will go and where this will lead.

(Expecting Miracles – Gateway Oracle Card Deck by Denise Linn)

The other thing I know, is how good things are going to be.

Not just for me –  but for all of us.

I had a dream the other night that has stayed with me.

I dreamt  Cupid was in the kitchen sink, giggling and washing his hands.

What does he have in store for us?

(image from restyle.me)

What good things do you know?

What good things are you trying not to see?

Acknowledge your inner knowing, about the good things that are already in your life – and the good things forthcoming.

Much love Txx

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