How to use Tarot and Oracle cards to connect to your intuition

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I use Tarot and Oracle cards, not just for inspiration when writing poetry, but in order to connect with myself and my higher power on a day to day basis.

I use them in the same way as prayer and meditation, in conversation with my Higher Self and the Creator.

If you are not comfortable attributing intuition to a higher presence – the cards can still be used to activate your inner feelings.

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Around 6 months ago I felt called to read Tarot cards. I had always been taught in my past religious upbringing, that they were undesirable tools of the occult. There was a fear surrounding them.

So when I felt a strong desire out of nowhere to use them. I was a bit shocked to say the least.

I began my Tarot/Oracle journey online,  by using websites of respected creators of Oracle cards – These have a free ‘Pick an Oracle Card’ facility.

Oracle cards

Image result for wisdom of the Oracle Deck colette baron reid

(Exchanging Gifts – Wisdom of the Oracle Deck, by Colette Baron Reid)

Oracle Cards differ from Tarot cards, in that they are a newer inception and often use clearer and more simple imagery to depict a message.

I use them in order to clarify a message that I have already received through the Tarot, or as an alternative; if I want a ‘quicker’ and ‘clearer’ message.

I use them on the ‘Wednesday Wisdom’ posts on this blog – because the images are so vivid, they make great stimuli for writing prompts and are very easy to relate to.

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(Emotional Sensitivity – Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue)

A few months after feeling this urge to read Tarot and Oracle cards, and using online tools, I finally decided to purchase my own physical decks.

I purchased the ones I felt an affinity with from using them online, but also the ones whose images spoke to me on a deeper level.

They are available to buy from online stores like Amazon, direct from the websites mentioned above, in specialist book and occult stores as well as your regular run of the mill – Waterstones (Just head to the ‘Mind,Body and Soul’ section.)

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I don’t feel that it is up to me to tell you how to use these tools.

I feel that if you are meant to use them, you will be called to use them.

In that case – you can work out how to best connect for a deeper understanding of yourself.

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(The Sacred Union – Wisdom of the Hidden realms Oracle cards by Colette Baron Reid)

I mostly use them however by shuffling and allowing cards to fall out naturally.

The cards that fall out are the ones I know I must see.

I will then look carefully at the image in front of me and listen to what it is drawing on in my inner knowing.

A simple tip is to pull a ‘card of the day’ then bear in mind the energies from that card all day long.

These cards, come with guidebooks. I rarely use them –   but they can be helpful if you are just starting out.

Image result for Yang card colette baron reid

(yang – Wisdom of the Oracle deck, by Colette Baron Reid)

   I wrote this post, to help readers of this blog understand the processes I use.

Also I wrote this blog as encouragement and guidance for anyone who may be on a similar  journey.

One of the most important skills in life; is to listen to your intuition. This takes practice and a lot of fine tuning.

What ever ways you can find to do this, meditation, prayer or the use of  Tarot/Oracle cards will be of benefit you.

Check out my other posts on the subject:

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And if you feel called to explore the world of Tarot/Oracle Decks, there is a lot more to them waiting to be discovered.

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(Archetype Cards by Caroline Myss)

Much love Txx

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