Tarot Tuesday – For my Birthday!!

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(Poem by Rumi, image from Google images)


Hello my lovely readers 🙂

It’s my birthday today, and I have decided to share with you, the tarot card that I have pulled this morning – a card for today,  but also a forecast for my year ahead.

Just one card – no pressure!

One card whose energy will stay with me for 365 days.



 But first, I can’t believe it’s my birthday today! It totally does not feel like it is. Not in a bad way – it’s just that the things I am looking forward to enjoying on this special day,  are things I look forward to everyday…

A hot chocolate from Cafe Nero (Salted Caramel with soya milk), getting the bus to work (rather than the tube),  doing this tarot reading for myself, practicing  Yoga and Meditation:)

Because quite suddenly, my life has become one big birthday. Everyday is super special, and I feel that energy every morning that I wake up.

But it will be nice to do all of this today with that extra special significance.

I plan to spend quiet moments in my day, looking back on how far I have come.

 I am genuinely very happy, with what I have to show for the years I have been on earth.

I have been through a lot, and live to smile another day.

 It’s also a time to look forward. Where am I going?

I have more of an idea each and everyday and that feels truly joyous.


So here goes:


(Two of Wands, Rider Waite Tarot)

This card is perfect for my birthday, as the suit of wands denotes fire and action. They are also symbolic of fire signs in the zodiac, of which I am one – a Sagittarius.

The ‘two’ wands speak of partnership, and yet not in the same way as a more traditional partnership card, like the Two of Cups.

There is very clearly a wand that is behind and a wand that is in front.

To me this speaks of the need to accept someone’s support, whilst going forward as the leader of my own life.

It talks of interdependence rather than codependency.

The man holds the world in his hands.

This is a very auspicious omen for the year ahead, a year that I already know will be filled with life changing landmarks.


Its a card of real calmness and expectation. The figure is simply waiting – with a firm handle on that wand – for things to come into fruition.

It suggests that work and preparation has already taken place, and rewards are now to be reaped.

Everything is so peaceful. There is love, there is independence, there is flowering surroundings.

The two wands surrounding him are just started to bloom and flower, these talk of  committed love, in its early stages, new yet solid.

This is a person, at the beginning of a new phase in life. A life that will bring/ show them the world.

It could also denote overseas travel. Literally a chance to see the world.

It should also be mentioned that the figure is a man holding the world in his hand, almost offering the world, and offering the Wand he has in his grasp.

This could also be read as an offering of love and commitment – an offering of a deeper  union in relationship, a union between two fire signs that are independent, but ready to merge and move forward together.

It could be an offering to move overseas.


All in all, there is a lot in this card that is apt for my situation right now, and every thing is positive.

This card will take me into the new year with confidence and peace. In fact the figure is looking out at the future – exactly what I am doing today.

Looking out towards what is to come, and surveying already what he has amassed.


I hope you have enjoyed my little birthday tarot reading, I will reflect on this card repeatedly throughout the year.

I wonder if there was anything in what I said that rings true for you too?

Much love! I am off to get that hot chocolate 🙂


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