Why the World Needs Superheros – Part One: Magneto


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It is no coincidence that many of the superhero films we watch now, originate with comic books, written in the 1960s.

Coming out of America at a time of deep political and racial unrest.

 One of the characters that embodies this spirit well, is the character of Magneto.

Stan Lee, the creator of the X-Men, SpiderMan and Iron man -to name but a few-  says of Magneto:

” He just wanted to strike back at the people who were so bigoted and racist… he was trying to defend the mutants, and because society was not treating them fairly he was going to teach society a lesson. He was a danger of course… but I never thought of him as a villain”

(Marvel Spotlight: Uncanny X-Men 500 Issues Celebration, pp. 5-7)

Superheros may be fictional yes, but they often stand for the morals of our society.

I will be writing a little blog series on a select few, because as people who know me off the blog know – I love me some superhero 🙂


(Magneto – image from Pinterest)

Magneto, a Holocaust survivor, is determined that such an atrocity will never again happen on earth.

It is for this reason that he is not a constant member of the X-Men. Under the peaceful eye of Professor X, the X-Men are seen as too passive for Magneto.

Magneto’s special powers include being able to control all the metal on earth.

A powerful and constant armor.

This is what I want to talk about in this blog. The importance of boundaries, and how they can be used to protect our most valuable relationships.

(The Metal King – Wisdom of the Hidden Realms, by Colette Baron Reid)

The above Oracle card, reminds us of the need to set boundaries.

Personally, it reminds me of Magneto.

One of the things Magneto can do, is set a magnetic force field around himself for protection.


(image from soulwritings.ca)

Understand that there is great strength in protection. 

I bet you there are things in your life that are precious and valuable to you, that is either under lock and key, or insured.

Most people insure their mobile phones, simply because they have become an indispensable part of life.

So why not protect things that are closer to our heart?

Why don’t we habitually protect our closest relationships, both platonic and romantic from harm?


(image from Bloglovin’)

Spoiler Alert! In the 2011 Film X-Men First Class,  Magneto is unable to protect his wife and daughter from death.

This plagues him for the rest of his life.


(image from Windgate Lane)

Loosing a mobile phone is not the thing that will shape us.

The loss of a friendship or a relationship will shape us.

So it makes sense to protect them as much as we can.

This could be by making time to communicate with each other.

We could spend more time doing fun things together.

We could learn to compromise.


(Five of Wands, Rider Waite Tarot Deck)

 We can protect our relationships from interference or gossip by trusting and believing in our own inner knowing, and our partner.

If something feels wrong, then you know it is wrong. There is no need to ask many people for confirmation. This will only lead to further confusion. 


(Listen with your Heart – Gateway Oracle Card Deck, by Denise Linn. Image from archangeloracle.com)

It’s only by listening to our instincts that we will know what is worth our protection.

Much love Txx

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