Wednesday Wisdom #10

Each Wednesday I will begin the day by drawing an oracle card for inspiration and posting it here.

With a few words from my intuition, I will give you something to think about for your day and week.

Use the card as a writing prompt or simply something to reflect on.

*This week I pulled the card on Monday, as I felt like I needed some guidance at the start of the week. I know that the guidance I needed, will also be what you my lovely readers need –  whenever you come across this post.

(Round and Round – Wisdom of the Oracle card deck, by Colette Baron Reid)

It was no surprise to me that this card came up.

I have been feeling this energy a lot lately. So much so that a post I am preparing for next week, uses the same image as its starting point.

This card is about a kind of hopelessness. Feeling like nothing is going to change, that things are not going to get any better, that you will be stuck in a cycle of toxic patterns.

However, yep you guessed it – this card is not really about that at all.


The spiral pattern descends from the forehead indicating that this ‘spiral’ of thoughts, is simply that – thoughts.

In reality things are not at all the same as they once were, even if it may appear to be that way.

You may feel as though the juncture in your life that you have come across now, is very similar to ones you have crossed in the past, perhaps with less than good consequences.

In that case, now is a time to do things differently.


In Numerology, the number 25 on the card adds up to  number 7.

In Tarot, number 7 is traditionally an ‘awkward’ number,  although signifying  great spiritual growth. It is often a number used to denote some kind of struggle, a battle, working hard and feeling overwhelmed. Even sneakiness and deception.

As we grow as people, we may encounter old energies, old patterns and old people (not in the elderly sense necessarily!) that make a return.

It is up to us at this point to decide if the return is welcome, or we have simply moved on from that.

Because there is awkwardness in change. Things may not immediately appear to have changed for the better – and yet this card reassures us that they can.


This card can be read as a warning.

Things are going to come up, within or outside of you,  that you thought were already dealt with.

Yet, it is coming up again to see if you really have dealt with it, if you dealt with it correctly, if a change has occurred that will result in further changes.


The blues, the oranges and the pinks in this card denote a kind of lightness. This is positive, despite how it can make you feel.

Change is good. Change is necessary. Change is emotional.

Watch out for my blog post next week, all about change.

Much love


3 thoughts on “Wednesday Wisdom #10

  1. Hi Tonight Ann
    I am a change is good thinker. I have always known change is the way the universe operates. I am looking forward to changes this year. Thank you for the prompt.

    One Love

    Maria xx

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