Things are Changing

(Round and Round – Wisdom of the Oracle Deck by Colette Baron Reid)

Last week for Wednesday Wisdom, I picked the same card as above.

Wednesday Wisdom #10

I had already started to draft this post with the same image.

Because yes I feel it, as I am sure you all do – everything is changing.

Yet I am not just talking politically, I am talking about within each one of us.


Outside events have a habit of  being catalysts for individual instances of change.

However, what I believe, is that change is often already taking place – which is what resulted in the external circumstance in the first place.

Trump was elected President in the US, and Brexit happened in the UK,  because of the internal influences of the people who voted that way.

Surprising changes are often not surprising at all, if we took the time to examine what was going on within.


What ever changes happen on a world or societal scale, can be understood in the way we deal with change in ourselves.

Are we fluid?

Do we understand that our world is constantly shifting on its axis, and that applies to us too?

Seasons change.

Things come and Things go.

Are you able to let the cycle of change take place with minimal personal distress?

If each person was able to deal  with change on a personal level, the world would be a different place.


So why do we all find change so hard to deal with?

The answer is fear.

We are scared of what we don’t know. Of uncertainty, of a lack of control.

We don’t understand that nothing is in our control

The only constant, really is change.


(image from

This is probably the most liberating thing that you can accept in life.

When things are bad, they will get better.

When things are great, they may go bad.

People can change, for better or for worse.

Relationships will change. Stopping the change will result in  toxic stagnation.

Life moves on regardless of what is happening in your own life.


(image from

We are as significant – as we are insignificant.


This post is not about being passive, it is a bit of tough love:

Learn how to deal with change.

Understand life cannot be controlled.

Go with the flow.

Cry when you are sad.

Laugh when you are happy.

Grieve when bad things happen.

Rejoice with the good.

Understand that your attempts at change may not always work.

The Universe has its own timeline.

Image result for each day is not guaranteed

(image from google images)

Tomorrow may not be promised – but Change is.

Much love Txx

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