Happy New Year!!!!


(image from tracy mahoney – Pinterest)

As I am going to be away for New Year, I thought I would get a little post out now, to welcome in 2017.

It’s going to be an amazing year, I can feel that already.


The past few months I have been looking back, not just at 2016, but my entire life so far.

So much has changed within me, it is kind of overwhelming.

I am now ready to see those changes reflected outwards.



(image from amorphisss.deviantart.com)

I am also now ready for the consequences this may bring.


When you change, it sometimes feels as though you no longer match up with people,  and situations around you.

This can be true, or this can simply just be your perception at this time. Destined to change again.

I’ve talked a lot about Change this past year, and now I want to talk about Growth.

2016 was a year of leaving things behind, and 2017 will be a year of moving forward, with direction and focus.

I will pull a Tarot card to help us understand this:


(8 of Cups – Black Cats Tarot – image from picasaweb.google.com)

Those who read this blog regularly, will know that I pull these cards at random, by shuffling the deck, and waiting for a card to pop out.

I promise that I actually wrote all the stuff above, BEFORE choosing the card! It really is wonderous the way Tarot works.

The 8 of cups, is about leaving things behind, in search of something better. 


The 8 of cups, often denotes a spritual journey, can sometimes be a quest for love, or can simply be the moving away from the past, for an unknown future.

This is the abosute perfect card to illustrate the energies I am feeling, and no doubt what most of you will be feeling also.

In Tarot, the 10 of Cups card, symbolises total emotional fufillment, the 8 of cups is about searching for the other 2 cups.

In this way, it can be about a search for true love. (The 2 of cups, being a card of sacred and divine love)

To me it mostly just denotes a special journey. One that will bring answered prayers, fufillment and hope.

The cat is on its way forward, no looking back. He/she is confident that whatever he/she finds, will be better than what was left behind.


It is also important to note, today is the New Moon, the last of 2016.

The time of a New Moon is ripe for setting intentions, and planting seeds for the future.

In all depictions of the 8 of cups card that I have seen, a moon is present leading the way.

What things are you ready to leave behind in 2016?

What will it mean to you, to move foward unencumbered?


Much love guys, always…  see you on the other side.


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