When you feel blocked

I’ve talked a lot about Change on this blog in recent months.

What I haven’t discussed, is how to handle certain blocks that may come up during the process of change.


(The Hanged Man- Rider Waite Tarot – Illustration from Pinterest)

Even with an open heart, and willingness towards life changes.  Even when you are hearing those intuitive nudges, and actively working with them. Even when you are READY for the change to take place – sometimes there are blocks.

The Free Will of Others 

Last year. I rediscovered my free will:  Rediscovering Free Will .

What I (perhaps naively) did not think about however, was just how much the free will of others also impacts us.

Life is lived in conjunction with others. Whether this be at work, social, platonic, or in romantic relationships, and family situations.

Unless we become thoroughly isolated, we will be surrounded, and interact with other people all of our lives.

Therefore it makes sense that our choices impact each other.

Waiting for things to progress when another person is involved, can be highly frustrating.

A divorce can be held up by one person, a break up can leave one person feeling as though they are helpless.

Situations such as these, leave us with very little control.

We have no control over others.

We only have control over ourselves. 

When our progression is blocked by another person, there is always a reason.

A lot of the time we think we know best. We think because we want something to happen, that we perceive as being good, that another person should want the same thing.

Instead of hearing and heeding the signs that they don’t, we can try to push forward and encounter blocks.

Stop pushing, and allow those blocks to be lifted by the one who has placed it there. If they choose not to lift it, leave the block in place.

In this instance; the block is your protection and guidance all rolled into one.

Relating to others should be an equal exchange. If a block is put up, it means at the very least that it is time to step back, and asses the giant boulder in front of you.

What is the big grey rock trying to tell you?


(image from familypedia.wikia.com)

Most of the time it will simply be asking that you respect the will of another. Even if you don’t understand it.

We ALL have free will, and sometimes how another person uses theirs will cause you pain.

Acknowledge that, and try to meet it with love.

We all have a path to follow, and sometimes that path, diverges from the ones we love the most.

*This does not mean paths won’t merge again in the future, or that a new path won’t open up – better than the one before.

Note how in the picture above, there are many rocks. Many flowing paths around them.

Encountering blocks is part of life. They are simply in place to shape our paths.

Divine Timing 

Then there are times when you are really not imagining it – something just won’t let something else happen!

Those ‘bizarre’ moments (or series of moments) that just seem entirely out of left field.

You can be plodding along, thinking all is well and then pow! A block is suddenly placed in front of you.

Whether you believe in fate or destiny, we can all agree that sometimes stuff happens that has no rhyme or reason – on the surface at least.

It’s that job you don’t get, even when you meet all the requirements, and gave a killer interview.

It’s that house that is taken off the market, just when you are ready to put an offer in.

I really do believe, these blocks are in place because something better awaits. 

There are times I am sure we can all remember, that we were grateful for not getting what we thought we wanted.

Not getting a contract for a job that would have taken more time than we have.

Not being able to find an item in stock, that truly we can’t actually afford.

Not being able to move a relationship forward, that in reality is bad for us in its current form.

In my opinion. Encountering blocks, for what appears to be no good reason, is often the hand of the divine. Something other worldly. A cosmic law.


(The Star  – Rider Waite Tarot, a card often portending to Divine Timing)

These types of blocks, just like the ones due to other’s free will, are designed to redirect our path.

These types of blocks can also involve other people.

You will know a block is due to  Diving Timing by the suddenness, by honestly ascertaining that it appears to be in no one’s best interest. You really have to dig DEEP to see ANY benefit at all

This is the hardest block to deal with,  as it truly relies on faith. You have no real choice but to trust and wait for the reason to be revealed.

Ofen, we may still not actually understand why what happened, happened.  

Often we try to push through these blocks too, we may not be met with the resistance of others –  instead we meet with the resistance of ourselves.

We can get ill. We can feel exhausted.

I have a sinus problem,  that flares up every time I try to push through one of these blocks.

My nose becomes blocked,  my head and ears are in agony, and I am forced to stop.

Which leads me to the final block I will discuss in this article:

When the block is yourself  

Yes I said it, Self Sabotage is a real and limiting force.

All of us, hold limiting beliefs that hold us back.

We think we are unworthy of certain things, that we will fail at others.

These beliefs can make us place blocks on ourselves, consciously or unconsciously.

It’s that person who secretly thinks they are unworthy of their dream job, and so never goes for what they are capable of.

It’s that person  who does not believe they deserve to be loved, so continuously pushes people who love them away.

It’s in feeling the need to push and shove the blocks that are in your path, because you don’t trust that things will get better.

Good news! This block is the easiest to remove, as it is all about you, and you do have power over yourself.

Work on getting rid of beliefs that do not serve you.

I’ll go into this more on Saturday’s blog.


Sometimes all of these blocks, or any combination of them, can be working in your life at the same time.

However, I hope this article has helped you to ascertain what blocks are in your life at the moment, and in what ways you can help to accept and/or shift them.

On Saturday’s blog I will talk about getting rid of our own self-imposed blocks,  and how to handle it when blocks seem to be coming from every direction.

Much love Txx


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