The perils of Self-Sabotage


(four of wands card- rider waite tarot – indicative of foundation and stability)

Sometimes everything appears to be going wrong, so that in fact; everything can go right.

When blocks come at you from every direction, it’s because you need to reassess your foundations.

It is a sign that your path has not been built on firm foundations.


The last couple of posts have been talking about blocks, that stop you from moving forward.

In When you feel blocked, we looked at how the free will of others, and divine timing can impact us. We briefly touched on self- sabotage, which is what I want to explore here.

You see, when blocks appear to be on all fronts, when we are held up by other people, and otherworldly forces – the largest block that is often at play, is self-sabotage.

Self-sabotage is described by Psychology today (online) as:

“Behavior is said to be self-sabotaging when it creates problems and interferes with long-standing goals. The most common self-sabotaging behaviors are procrastination, self-medication with drugs or alcohol, comfort eating, and forms of self-injury such as cutting.”



I want to talk about the root of all of these behaviours, described above.



It may sound simple, but what I want to talk about today is – Not Feeling Good Enough.



Linked to our Fear of Success, we fear that we are not good enough, for the lives we may wish to have.


This then results in self-sabotage.






The core of self-sabotage is our lack of self worth.

In our society, many of us believe that we are only good enough once we have attained certain things.

We think we will be good enough for happiness once we have a boyfriend, a slimmer figure, a child or a house.

We think we will be good enough for a girlfriend, once we have more muscles,  a better job, or more friends.

We think we would be good enough for these things  – if only we had not been abused, had a difficult childhood, or have a mental illness –  to name but a few things, our society deems as undesirable.  


We think we will be good enough to exercise, once we have more time, more money to join a gym, or eat better.

We think we will be good enough to eat healthy, when we have a certain level of education, or have reached a certain age, or have enough money…

The list goes on, and on.

We hold the notion that we must be good enough for almost anything to happen.

I am not saying there is no validity in these concerns. There are after all, all those blocks thwarting us.


What if we believed that we are born good enough, whatever our situation?








The story of Adam and Eve from the Bible,  has taught us that we are imperfect.  (As a Christian, this is the only creation story I know of in depth , so please do substitute this for any other idea, that we are born imperfect beings.)

Somehow, the notion that we are imperfect,  has been translated into the fact that we are not good enough.

We will  get ill, because we are imperfect. (Not good enough)

Crimes are committed because we are imperfect . (Not good enough)

The planet is dying because we as humans are imperfect. ( Not good enough.)


Racism and Sexism exist because…yes you guessed it – we are imperfect beings, and therefore not good enough to stop them!

But what if we have all misunderstood,  the notion of imperfection?

What if each one of us as  individuals is good enough to look after one another, and our planet?

Well then, this would mean we have to get responsible for what we do…


Imperfection is not supposed to be the reason to fail, imperfection is the impetuous to work harder.



If human beings are imperfect, it is only so that we can strive to do better.


So that is what self-sabotage is, the belief that because we are imperfect, we may as well give up now.


We are perfect in our imperfection.


Imperfection is what makes us perfectly human.


It allows us to make mistakes, and to make amends.  


It allows us to grow, and to change.


Self-sabotage is the belief that we can’t make anything better.

It’s our belief that our imperfections have made us not good enough, and so it is pointless to try and be better, to have better, to do better.

When blocks are showing up all over your world, have a good look at the areas in which you have given up.

Self-sabotage, in its most simplest terms, is when you give up – Try not to give up.


Much love Txx

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