February – The Month of Receiving

So February is the shortest month of the year, and includes Valentine’s Day.

I feel, in the dead of winter, this is God’s gift to us.

A month of grace before Spring.

One last month of surrender and release, before things start to bloom.


For the whole of February, I will be doing my best to receive something good, each and every day.

This means noticing the good things that happen, or are given to me – no matter how small, or from what source.

I will be posting on my Facebook and Twitter pages, about all of this receiving.

Posts on this blog for the month of February will be Love* focused.

*Not necessarily romantic!


(image from Pinterest)

I told a friend once, how feeling happy used to make me feel guilty.

Yep. Somewhere along my life journey, I learnt that feeling the joy I often feel,  was wrong.

This month I am going to change this.

Because feeling guilty for being happy is exhausting.

And I want to open up my arms to receive:

Much love Txx


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