Confessions of a Twin Flame Lightworker – My Journey of Love


(two of cups – Rider Waite Smith Tarot)

 I have had only a few romantic relationships in my lifetime.

These relationships, were long lasting, and taught me an appreciation for the complexities of human nature.

They taught me the importance of unconditional love towards others.

Then, about six months ago,  I realised I have been experiencing a

 Divine Love Connection.

Twin Flame

I fell in love with somebody, that pushed me forwards onto a path of fulfilling self-love, and whose presence in my life woke me up to my spiritual path.

Some people call this kind of connection a Twin Flame connection. A love where the point is not necessarily to have a conventional relationship, but to spark healing within each other, and subsequently the world – leading to the unconditional love of others, and ourselves.

The aim of this kind of love, is to help our planet heal.


Twin Flames, will more often than not, also be Lightworkers.

A Lightworker, is basically anyone who feels that they were put on the earth to help humanity.

They can reside in absolutely any profession, but are defined by a deep need to help, to serve and to heal. To inspire, motivate and support.

They are the empaths, the sensitive souls, the psychics and the healers.

They are the nurses, the teachers, the doctors and the cleaners.

Helping the world does not need to be a grand undertaking, it can be started by helping one single person. 

It may be hard for people to understand, this journey I feel I am on,  but all that really needs to be understood, is that I am fulfilling who I really am.

It’s a path full of love, and patience, and joy.

Thank you for joining me by reading this blog.

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Much love always


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