Readings by T

(Ace of Cups – Gilded Tarot by  Ciro Marchetti)

So I was wracking my brains on what I could give to you, my readers, for Valentines day.

Then it hit me,  more honesty and vulnerability of course 🙂

This translates to opening myself up, and being of more service.

So this is just a little blog to let you know that I will now be available for tarot readings.

Email me, if you feel called to receive one, if there’s something you would like more clarity on in your life. If you would simply just like some guidance.

*I do not tell your future, we all have free will. I will only be able to shed some light on the energies surrounding you.

All guidance I pass on, is passed to me from a higher power.

There will be a charge per reading – simply for the time it takes me to complete, and to cover the cost of hiring a room. (if I need to)

If you are in London or Manchester (UK)  I can do it in person.  If not,  I will email you the reading, including pictures of the cards.

Follow your heart, only contact me if you feel it’s right for you.

Much love always

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