Are you open to receiving?

So here I am , halfway through February – The Month of Receiving, and it has been a whole lot tougher than I ever thought imaginable.

Who knew, that consciously noticing what I receive in a day, could be quite so hard?


I am sure, we could easily list things that we give each day:

Our time

Our money

Our attention

Our energy

I am sure quite a few of us sometimes feel resentment, about the things that we give.

We feel that people/situations have ‘taken’ from us.

We moan about the family member that has wasted our whole day with their shenanigans, we moan about how tired our jobs, our children, or our hobbies have made us.

So what happens when we shift our perspective, and think about all the ways in which  we have taken ?

What have we been given?


I started off this month, with the intention of noticing at least one thing that I receive each day.

I did this in order to shift my perspective, in much the same way keeping a Gratitude Journal would.

I also did this, in order to alter my position in life.


(Yin Card, symbolic of the feminine attribute of receiving, Wisdom of the Oracle Deck by Colette Baron Reid)

I have spent most of my life striving to do my best, to accomplish, to achieve.

As I get older, this becomes more about making things happen.

As I entered my 30s, I really did begin to realise that life is what we make it.

I realised that we have an incredible amount of power to manifest.

I experienced a lot of changes, that I fueled with my own free will .

Yet, I still experienced quite a lot of dissatisfaction.

Though I could tangibly see the benefits of manifesting changes, I began to feel frustrated at what I perceived to be a lack of things happening to me, for me, without having to put so much effort in.

So this month, I have noticed each day, what has come to me.


It has been surprising to realise that I hold some resistance towards just ‘being’ – receiving instead of making things happen.

It requires a lot more grace and patience, it requires forgiveness in the absence of apologies, and it creates mental space to let things go.

If you place yourself in the position of being open to what comes to you, you notice all the ways in which you have been pushy.

You notice all the things that you take for granted, and life begins to take on an air of uncertainty, that is actually liberating.

Because sometimes giving is a front for controlling.


(Let go of control issues, Romance Oracle Card Deck by Doreen Virtue)

At the end of this month, I will sum up what consciously receiving has taught me.

In the meantime, could you work on noticing the things that come into your life?

Much love Txx

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