Why I Retreat

For the last few years, I go on a Meditation retreat at least once a year.  (I talk about this more here .)

The need to go inwards is something I have experienced my whole life.

As an introvert, I need a lot of time alone.

However as a naturally outgoing person, this is not always obvious to others.

As I move further into my spiritual power, I understand a lot more why I sometimes need to retreat.

It is certainly an act of self love.

But it also serves a spiritual purpose

(The Hermit, Rider Waite Smith Tarot)

The Hermit above is on a mission to shine his light.

Though to be a hermit is to isolate, the image depicts a man who is ready for a journey into the night.

On a recent trip to Glastonbury, I had my first rune reading by a Shaman priest. He referred to me as being someone who needs to work in the dark.

“What is a lightworker?”  He said, “Someone who works in the dark”. 

Going on retreat, is preparation for entering into the shadows present in everyday life.

Going within, is about acquainting myself with my own dark parts, in order to understand the darkness in others.

Let’s not get it twisted now!

The dark is not automatically bad. 

It is simply the parts of us that need light poured onto them.

The broken parts that need healed or acknowledged. The issues that are holding us back, or leading to self sabotage.

Before I awoke to my spiritual path, I spent a lot of time shining this light on to other’s issues unwittingly.

I did it without realising what I was doing.

This led to toxic relationships and friendships.

Before the very first retreat I booked, back in 2013, I felt utterly exhausted. As talked about in The Importance of Balance, I developed Glandular Fever, which completely changed the way in which I approach my life.

I felt the urge to retreat before I got ill, because I was already ill.

Years of shining a light in the shadows, without realising it, had depleted me beyond measure.

Going on retreat, or simply spending time going inwards, by meditation or prayer, or quiet time alone – keeps me fully charged.

(image from pictagram.com)

So off I go! See you on the other side.

Much love Txx

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