Starting a Business/Going Freelance – Part one

(  Self-employment – Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards, by Doreen Virtue)

Those who read this blog regularly,  will know that I started my dream job at the end of last year in November.

  My Dream Job – Finding your Calling Part 1,

 Sacrifice – My Dream Job and Finding your calling Part 2

I felt like I had finally accomplished what I set out to, when I started my library career – I had become Head of a Library.

I was the Solo Librarian, at a Military History Library, in a internationally renowned think tank for Defence and Security.

Based on Whitehall, I had never held such an exciting job before.

Yet within a month, I came to the glaring conclusion that the job was not for me.  (Discussed in Retreat Reflections (Going Freelance))

(image from:

Inherent in all of the above posts, and as you will have gathered from reading this blog, I am a great fan of self-reflection and awareness.

I have summoned up the courage to repeatedly make changes when I felt called to do so, and the decision to transition to self employment has been no exception.

When I heard the call to focus on my writing, run workshops, and make myself more available for Tarot Readings, I heeded it.

Over the next few months, I will be taking you with me on my journey of self-employment.

In amongst my usual type of posts, I will be writing about freelance and business related things, such as:

Registering as self-employed.

Fears about money.

Spirituality and being self-employed.

Working part time whilst starting a business.

I do hope you will come along with me, on this journey of further abundance and independence.

Much love always, and thank you for reading this blog.

Keep a look out for the business related posts!







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