What ‘Consciously Receiving’ taught me…


(Yin – Wisdom of the Oracle Deck, by Colette Baron Reid)

The card above, embodies the feminine principle of receptivity.

Oxford Dictionaries online define Yin as:

(In Chinese philosophy) the passive female principle of the universe, characterised as female and sustaining and associated with earth, dark, and cold.

           Contrasted with yang

As a person that has tried to make the most out of my life, by working/studying hard, by pushing myself often, and taking risks – I decided to take the month off, and see what came to me.

I am in a period of transition – emotionally, professionally and spiritually.

For just one month, I wanted to really take a moment to ground myself. To stand still, to see what happens when you decide to really let go. (Or at least try to.)


(To the Sea – Wisdom of the Oracle Deck, by Colette Baron Reid)

First off a list of what I received each day:


Day 1 – Payment for a workshop I taught back in November

Day 2 – An apology from a stranger

Day 3 – ‘Light bulb’ moments

Day 4 – A visit from my nieces!

Day 5 – I got my nails done, a gift to myself

Day 6 – Divine guidance through writing my feelings out.

Day 7 – I received acknowledgement of a good deed

Day 8 – A ‘Thank you’

Days 9+10 – Relaxation time with my mum, by the sea

Day 11 – Time  with friends

Day 12 – Compliments!

Day 13 – Offer of a creative collaboration!

Day 14 – Dinner cooked by a friend

Day 15 – Chat up line

Day 16 – Divine Guidance to keep going

Days 17/18/19 –  A weekend away at a free spiritual Retreat

Day 20 –  Engaging with objects to write poetry

Day 21 – Tickets

Day 22 – The chance to help someone else

Day 23 – Invites to go out…but I didn’t want to so I stayed in!

Day 24 – Reflection of the month so far

Day 25+26 – Healing Time with animals

Day 27+28 – Time to reflect on the month as a whole


It is so therapeutic to look back at a month in this way.

I am able to see just how beautiful the everyday can be, if you stop to notice it.

I am also struck by how finding something each day to note as a moment of receiving,  was quite tough.

I often felt as though something was not quite good enough to count.

I look back now, and can clearly see how wonderful my month has been. Full of wonderful opportunities that literally just fell into my lap!

Money came to me, as did the opportunity to make more.

Opportunities to be creative came along.

I had the chance to spend time with friends.

I received acknowledgement and appreciation for things that I was doing for others.

I realised how much joy can be received by helping someone that needs it.

There was not one single day, that something did not come to me.

Wow. Consciously receiving, really helps you to become more grateful.

It also helps you to see what can come to you, when you are in an energy of openness.


If we can take a moment to marvel at what comes to us each and everyday, we may all feel a little bit better about what we give.

Numerous things that I received through the month, were products of energy I had given in the past.

The offer of collaboration came from someone I had previously worked with.

I had friends to spend time with, as I have spent time with those friends in the past.

I received ‘thank yous’ for things that I did with no expectation.

This proves, that you really do reap what you sow.

94a93d5f49036fd6ab14629cbb0191ff.jpg (236×423)

(Queen of Coins – Black Cat Tarot by Lo Scarabeo)

In receiving,  I was made aware of what I myself had given.

What a truly beautiful realisation.

Much love Txx

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