When do you feel the most Vulnerable?

So I am totally obsessed with this You Tube channel :



It’s called StyleLikeU, and is full of videos of individuals talking about their lives, whilst stripping down to their underwear/undergarments.

The interviewers ask several leading questions, one of which is:

“When do you feel the most Vulnerable?”

I should think, in the very moment they get almost butt naked on a You Tube Channel!

No but really, the Channel is an exercise in Vulnerability.

It got me thinking, when do I feel the most Vulnerable?

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.”
Brené Brown

I think a lot of my vulnerability centres around being alone.

Standing as myself without certain things to adorn me, leaves me feeling vulnerable.

Being at a soul level, leaves me feeling vulnerable.

But just as the quote above states, it is in that space that I am able to really flourish.

I have been in some kind of a romantic relationship for the last 11 years.

In those 11 years, there has always been someone else on my mind.

This is a beautiful thing, but what if you haven’t worked out all the ins and outs of being yourself yet?

What if, you try and work out all the ins and outs of another, without real

 self -knowledge?

I find myself now, for the very first time, integrating all of my relationship lessons, and realising that I still stand ‘alone’ whether I am with someone or not. 

This leaves me feeling vulnerable, and has led to an understanding of my true authentic self.

Is authenticity the very definition of vulnerability?

(image from http://www.nichollekobi.com  (facebook page) – Captioned: Dare to be different.)

When you truly stand as yourself. You will stand out.

This in itself can leave you feeling vulnerable.

Could this be why so many in our society are intent on not standing out?

When do you feel the most vulnerable?

Much love Txx

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