Being Authentic – Part One


(Deception, Romance Angels Oracle Deck, by Doreen Virtue)

Authenticity has got people killed.

Therefore it is no wonder that many of us choose not to be authentic.

Wars throughout history have been about persecuting the ‘other’.

So much so, that we have learnt that being anything other than the ‘norm’ is dangerous.

This filters down to our children who try to emanate their latest role model.

Why do we feel the need to try to be like another?

“Women feel like we need permission…we need to lead and change that.”

– Emma Watson 

Completing a Masters in Creative Writing has been eye-opening.

There is an obsession  with what other poets/writers have influenced you, and with how you fit in with the current poetry/literature landscape.

What if you don’t?

What if you don’t want to?

When did we stop valuing the different?

Have we ever placed value in difference?

Last week, I ran a poetry workshop for the Young Curators program at University College London.


(images – Items from UCL’s Ethnographic Collection)

I used objects from the Ethnography collection, in order to write a poem, and show young people how they could do the same.

The objects were fascinating in how much adornment was present.

Weapons used for hunting and murder were decorated with extraordinary beauty. Proving that past societies placed a lot of value in being unique.

Household items, jewellery, and musical instruments featured magnificent colours and patterns in order to show status and wealth.

Difference was a cultural, spiritual and sometimes political statement.

“If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything”

-Malcom X

Yes it often meant that people were targeted based on that difference, but it was a source of  pride.

Is our current failure to value authenticity about survival?

In present western society, we crave to have the same things as another; cars, computers, mobile phones.  We follow the trends of our favourite celebrities as much as we can afford.

Instead of finding strength in what makes us different, we dye our hair, bleach our skin, or diet in order to change ourselves.

I understand that there is a lot of vulnerability in being authentic.

But I want to encourage you my readers, to be authentic in the things that cannot be seen or measured by the eye.

I am talking about the authenticity that is felt when you meet someone who is truly being themselves. 

There is a level of authenticity that requires no physicality.  (However it may also impact on how you see yourself physically)

It is the authenticity of your spirit.


Look out for further posts on how to increase your confidence, becoming your real and true authentic self.

Much love Txx

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