Making Important Decisions



(Two of Swords, Rider Waite Smith Tarot)

Ever since I made the decision to go with the flow of life, I’ve been amazed at the opportunities that have come my way.

I’ve been astounded by the situations and people who have entered my life, without me even trying.

However, once I stopped trying to control everything, things happened organically that led me to a place of making difficult decisions.

How do you make a decision that you didn’t see coming?

A lot of decisions we make, are based on a plan that we are trying to execute.

The decisions that come out of the blue, are based on what The Divine is trying to execute.

Before I started going with the flow, I felt very blocked. I couldn’t understand why certain things were/were not happening.

I explored in a number of posts, how different factors were involved, from self-sabotage to Divine Timing.

Well I am pleased to announce that at last an unblocking has occurred!

However it is not at all what I had expected.


The decision to leave a person, situation or place behind, is one of the most difficult decisions that we have to make.

Especially when it is a decision you thought you would not have to ever make.

Especially when it is a decision you wish you didn’t have to make.

The quote from Rumi above is beautiful, and so true.

When things are dead, letting them go is really the only option.

Yet we all try our hardest to hold on.

Most trees shed ALL of their leaves every year.

Nature is good, in that each tree is replenished come spring.

It is the same with us also.

Whatever we lose will be replaced.

Perhaps that leaf will be slightly different from what fell?


Don’t be afraid to make the decision to let something go.

Have faith that making the decision will guarantee a new beginning.

Much love Txx

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