Wednesday Wisdom #22 – Past life Connections

Each Wednesday I will begin the day by drawing a divination card for inspiration and posting it here.

With a few words from my intuition, I will give you something to think about for your day, and week.

Use the card as a writing prompt, or simply something to reflect on.

*I pick these cards at random, by shuffling a deck, and allowing a card to fall out on its own accord. Whilst shuffling, I ask God to show me what I need to see for this post, and all who read it. It may not resonate with you, and that is OK – this is just my offering to you who reads this, it is sent with love and best wishes. Take what feels right for you, and leave what does not, for another.



(Reconciliation, Romance Angels Oracle by Doreen Virtue)


For many of us, this card signifies that a past lover will attempt to reconcile with us in the near future. (If they haven’t already done so.)

I felt quite a lot of resistance to this card when it popped up.

There are a few people, that I really would rather not have reconciliation talks with at the moment!

After coming to a difficult decision recently, I kind of intuitively know it may not be as simple as I originally thought.

Unfortunately we cannot control another’s reaction to our decisions.


Yet there is another meaning that this card speaks to me.

We are experiencing   Venus Retrograde at the moment, thought to be a time of romantic reconsideration.

A time when people from the past may re-enter your thoughts, if not your physical space.

You may be reconciling in your own mind, how things have turned out/not turned out in your love life. 


This could also be about people you have spent past life times with, re-entering your life.

So Soulmates, Twin Flames, and other Divine love connections that you may not have met before – in this life time anyway.

It is also no coincidence that this Wednesday Wisdom is number 22 – in numerology this number represents partnership and balance.

Venus retrograde is the ideal time to meet a long lasting soulmate connection.


Regardless of whether you have been the one to look to the past or not, be prepared that the past may come searching for you…

Much love Txx

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