I’m off to Jamaica!!!


So this Wednesday I fly off to Jamaica for a 2 week family holiday!!!

I could not imagine NOT taking you with me, so I will be continuing to blog whilst I am away, as close to my normal schedule as possible.

However, that may be difficult to do, dependant on WIFI and such things, so please do bear with me if you hear from me sporadically, or not at all!

I wanted to write a little post today about why this holiday is important to me.

Ever since I was a child until my mid 20s, I went on holiday pretty much at least once a year.

However for the past 7/8 years, I only left the country once. (Last September I went to France, written about here.)

This was because a holiday abroad simply didn’t seem like a priority.

I spent a lot of money on higher education, I went on breaks in the UK, and I began to benefit from going on retreats.

This was sometimes hard for friends and family to understand. My reluctance to want to escape normal life for a bit.


Ultimately, I want my life to be the kind of life that I never want to go on holiday from.


That is what I have been working towards all of these years, and continue to work at.

Growing as a person, and fulfilling long held dreams, striving for what stability means to me.

Travelling is an important part of understanding the world, and ourselves.

However, I believe understanding starts from within. 

So I am off on holiday to further deepen my spirituality.

I want to be at one with nature.

I want to soak in the air my ancestors breathed.

Much love Txx


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