What’s in a Medicine Woman’s Suitcase?


(image from bags-online.com)

So this is just a fun little post about the spiritual items I will be taking on holiday with me:

Tarot/Oracle Cards

I now have EIGHT Tarot and Oracle decks from a mere ONE that I purchased last summer.

I can’t possibly take all eight, so I have selected two to take with me. These are:

Romance Angel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue – I just love these cards, such a loving and optimistic energy.

Rider Waite Tarot – Most probably the most widely used Tarot Deck, it never fails to deliver messages you need to see.


I am yet to write a post about Crystals, but I will do soon.

I will be taking the two that I own so far, Rose Quartz and Selenite.

Rose quartz holds the intention of love and grace and Selenite the power of healing.

Essential Oils

I will be travelling with Lavender, Tea Tree oil and Sage oil.

Lavender for relaxation and sleep benefits.

Tea Tree Oil to help with insect bites (I am taking conventional creams and ointments too)

Sage for psychic protection and energy clearing.


Etheric Wand

I will be wearing this little beauty  as often as I feel the need.

It is a Clear Quartz aqua crystal bonded with copper and magnets.

It acts as a grounding and healing tool for myself and others.


The question is, what new and wonderful items will I be able to pick up in Jamaica?

Lots of love


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