Three Great Uses for Rose Quartz and Selenite Crystals 

Though many do not believe in the validity of using Crystals for healing, I have found great benefits in employing basic Crystal Healing techniques.

I find the best approach to using Crystals for me, is in ‘charging’ specific stones up, with an intention based on the properties it is believed to hold.

1. Selenite for healing

Meditating with your own personal piece of Selenite,  with the intention of healing, means that you will always associate your stone with healing properties.

You can then place it under your pillow, in your handbag or pocket,  and that healing energy will be felt.

2. Rose Quartz for heart opening

Healing a broken heart, or learning to open a closed one, can be helped along by Rose Quartz.

Meditating with your piece holding the intention of love,  will mean you associate your personal Rose Quartz Crystal with love.

Everytime you hold it, or even wear it around your neck you will feel that energy surround you.

3. Combining Rose Quartz and Selenite for healing old wounds.

Combining the energies of these crystals will result in a healing and loving energy ideal for dealing with old wounds.

Those past hurts that are stubborn to shift.

Sitting in meditation whilst holding these two crystals (already charged up) will assist with helping you to heal past issues.

Both of these stones are available to buy pretty cheaply from specialist shops, gift shops and online retailers. 

Disclaimer :
* This post is written based on how I use Crystals. I am not a certified Crystal healer. I don’t claim that Crystals will heal illness.

Much love Txx

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