You Can Pray


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The other day I was in my new part-time job. (A post will be coming up about this soon), and I was shelving books.

As I walked around the library, I felt a strong message to write a blog post about Prayer.

It felt like someone who reads this blog, or will read this blog, needed to hear some guidance and reassurance.

Because Prayer is for everyone.

It is available at any time to any one.

It does not need to take place in a Church or Temple or Mosque.

It does not have to follow a certain format.

It does not even have to be conducted out loud.

I pray as if I am talking to a trusted friend. 

You can pray for anything, you can pray for nothing, you can pray for thanks, you can pray for help.

You can pray in anger, you can pray in despair, you can pray in sadness.

You can pray for the ease of loneliness.

The key thing about Prayer, is that you will be listened to – whatever it is you have to say – and whether you believe so or not. 

Sometimes that is all we need.

Much love Txx

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