A Healing Bath


A lot is written about the power of Epsom Salts, sprinkled into a bath to ease aching muscles, and your mind.

However, I have my own version of a healing bath that I would like to share with you.

This bath consists of warm soothing water peppered with a few drops of:

Lavender Oil

Sage Oil

Tea Tree oil

You can also add some sea salt for added cleansing, and healing properties.

This bath not only has the power to soothe, but it also helps with quite a few of the ailments I suffer from on a daily basis.

The Tea Tree oil, when breathed in through the steam, makes for a great sinus clearing solution.

The lavender oil is relaxing and calming.

The sage oil, clears my energetic and psychic field.

I often have this bath first thing in the morning, as the combination of all of these oils is quite energizing. 

The ritual of drawing a bath, and soaking yourself in it. is as old as time.

Using water to cleanse, and revitalize is part of a natural human routine.

Water’s spiritual properties are used in religious rituals throughout the world.

It is thought to cleanse more than just our physical selves.

I try to have this bath a few times a week, sometimes I have a mini version every single day.

As an act of self-love it leaves me feeling pure, and ready to face the world, from a place of love and happiness.

It’s Saturday today – perhaps you have time for a healing bath?

Much love Txx

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