Clearing Away The Cobwebs

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Yesterday, I sat outside in nature, closed my eyes, and meditated.

I did this for around 30 minutes, until I began visualising my mind as an empty room.

In this room I saw a broom sweeping up.

First it just moved mess to the edges, then windows were flung open – and the dust began to fly out.

The phrase “clean house” began to waft through my mind.

In the sense that it’s time to ‘clean house’ – get my affairs in order emotionally.

(Clean it up, Wisdom of the Oracle Deck by Colette Baron Reid)

When we have made a lot of changes, we may be left with remnants of these changes in the corners of our mind.

There may be people,  and situations that we have simply pushed to one side, instead of let float out the window.

These ‘messes’ clutter up your mind, not allowing space for new things to settle in.

The other word that kept flying round my mind was “settle”.

This could mean a few things.

It can take a while for new things to take root in our lives, even when a seed is planted.

This command to ‘settle’ I felt was a call for patience. Let things settle down…

Also relax, take it easy, keep calm

So, what new things are you waiting to come to fruition?

Are you being called to get yourself together? In preparation for something new?

What cobwebs do you need to clear away before your ‘house’ is ready?

Much love Txx

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