Wednesday Wisdom #31 – Rest and Recuperation

Each Wednesday I will begin the day by drawing a divination card for inspiration and posting it here.

With a few words from my intuition, I will give you something to think about for your day, and week.

Use the card as a writing prompt, or simply something to reflect on.

*I pick these cards at random, by shuffling a deck, and allowing a card to fall out on its own accord. Whilst shuffling, I ask God to show me what I need to see for this post, and all who read it. It may not resonate with you, and that is OK – this is just my offering to you who reads this, it is sent with love and best wishes. Take what feels right for you, and leave what does not, for another.


(4 of Swords, Black Cat Tarot)

This Wednesday I decided to use Lo Scarabeo’s Black Cat Tarot.  Being the owner of a family black cat since childhood has given me an affinity with them.

This card is the 4 of Swords, a card traditionally about resting after a battle.

The suit of swords denotes mental thoughts, and so this battle may well have been a mental battle, of frustrations and angst.

This is what I feel is the message for this week.

We have just gone through an intense period astrologically, and many of us will be feeling the effects of this whether we are aware or not.

Many significant planet retrogrades have taken place over the  last few months, causing us to stop and address issues from the past.

The work we have been doing to move forward and free ourselves from unhealthy patterns may well have left us tired and drained.

We may not really understand this kind of tiredness, as we feel it is disproportionate to our pace of life.

This card reminds us that it is time to take a rest.

The cat’s face is full of disgruntled frustration, I am sure he would much rather be out and about running through forests, yet he is confined by his crutches.

The scene is also one of Autumn, a time of year where we learn through nature to let go.

Perhaps what we need to let go of is our need to always be active and busy.

When we are too busy to think things through, we miss insights and lessons.

You may feel stuck at the moment, like things are not moving fast enough for you.

You can possibly see all the things you want on the horizon and yet things just keep happening to stop you from getting there.

This card is about the need to just sit with this uncomfortable feeling.

It is temporary, it won’t be long until you are up on your feet again, dancing with life.

Much love Txx

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