Wednesday Wisdom #33 – Being Exactly Where You Should Be

Each Wednesday I will begin the day by drawing a divination card for inspiration and posting it here.

With a few words from my intuition, I will give you something to think about for your day, and week.

Use the card as a writing prompt, or simply something to reflect on.

*I pick these cards at random, by shuffling a deck, and allowing a card to fall out on its own accord. Whilst shuffling, I ask God to show me what I need to see for this post, and all who read it. The message I give, may or may not correlate with the traditional meaning of the actual card.  It may not resonate with you, and that is OK – this is just my offering to you who reads this, it is sent with love and best wishes. Take what feels right for you, and leave what does not, for another.


(Soulmate – The Romance Angels Oracle Cards, by Doreen Virtue)

We have seen this card on a Wednesday before , yet today it comes with a different meaning,

Today, this card speaks to me about being exactly where you are supposed to be in life, even if it feels at best uncomfortable, and at worst horrible.

It means that the people you find yourself surrounded by at the moment, are the correct people to teach you all the things you still need to learn.

Yes, the lesson may be one of joy, and love, and commitment. 

It could also be about learning a lesson of self love, self respect, and what you do, and do not deserve.

The message this week is also about sweet, and optimistic expectation. The kind that comes from budding opportunities, and blossoming relationships.

Yet what I am drawn to perhaps most in the card –  is the woman’s hesitancy.

 She is slightly holding back.

The words on the card say:

“Yes, this is your soul mate”

It is as though she has asked the question because she is not sure.

Where in your life are you hesitant about something that seems too good to be true?

This doubt could be causing you to act in defensive ways.

You could be behaving as though you are not interested.

Are there situations or people in your life that you are too afraid to move forward with?

To show your true self with?

To take risks for?

For fear it will not work our for your highest good?

YES, this is your soul mate person, job, or home.

Move forward with hope and joy.

Much love Txx

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