Creating The Space We Need

The last blog post here, explored our need for, and simultaneous fear of space.

Space has been rather misunderstood.

In this post I want to look at the ways in which we can carve out some space in our lives.

*I have many posts about meditation on this blog, so I will not focus on that in this post. Please have a look through the blog for these if you wish. 

Create a space you love. 


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When I was a child, I spent endless hours playing in makeshift tents inside, and outside of the house.

Me and friends, or me on my own, would erect bed sheets across tables, and chairs, trees and bushes, making secret houses.

This was our secret place, a place to read or talk, relax or eat sweets.

As adults, it is important that we maintain this habit.

Create an area in your house or flat that is just for you.

If you only have a room, make that room your sanctuary.

Have it smell the way you want it to smell, using candles, incense, or oil burners. (Safely)

Make your bed in the morning so that it welcomes you on your return. 

Keep it tidy, or cluttered, whatever makes you feel most settled.

The important thing is that this is your space.

If necessary let other members of your household know that it is your space, and you are not to be disturbed, during certain times.

Create time for you


Anyone can find a few minutes a day for themselves.

No matter how busy you are, you can wake up 10 minutes early, get off the bus one stop before you are due, or spend your lunch break in a park.

Value yourself enough to make time for yourself every single day

It does not have to be more than 5 minutes, but observe it as your time, and do something in it that makes you happy.

We often feel as though we have no time for ourselves, when really we do.

Observe what you do when you are doing ‘nothing’. Make sure it is something that gives you real joy.

Yes –  watching an episode or ten of your favourite show does count, as does having a cup of tea in the garden, or walking to the bus stop mindfully.  (Look out for a post coming up about mindful walking)

Create space in your relationships. 


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When it comes to friends, romantic partners or family members, we can find it hard to maintain a balance between being loving, and supportive, and leaving enough space for the other to really grow.

Include space in your relationships, by doing things on your own,or with other people from time to time.

If you live together, have separate places you love – even if that means creating a sanctuary in your local park or coffee shop.

In committed, respectful relationships with boundaries, spaces are healthy.

If someone uses space to keep you at bay, or demands you have no space at all, this is a sign that the relationship may not be healthy.


Look out for the next post about creating a Spiritual Space.

Much love Txx

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