Creating a Spiritual Space


(image from the article: In my Sacred Space – Found on Pinterest)

The last few blog posts have been focusing on creating space in our lives, and appreciating space within our closest relationships.

I want to talk now about creating a spiritual space, both mentally and physically.

Meditation is an ideal way to create more space in our minds, the next post will be specifically about Mindful Walking.

Today we will discuss creating a space to practice, and anchor your spiritual nature in the physical.


(image from

The first time I really came upon the concept of a personal spiritual space, was when I watched a video about Iyanla Vanzant’s prayer room.

It seems so obvious now to have a place dedicated to my spiritual practice in my home, but it is not something that was necessarily obvious to me in the past.

I believe keenly that we hold the path to God, or whomever/whatever we associate with spirituality,  in our hearts, and very essence. 

I don’t believe that worship needs to take place in a particular space.

However I’ve now come to realise that having somewhere you equate with your own particular brand of worship is helpful, healing, and grounding.

For some, sitting by water or by trees may be their spiritual place.

 I too find nature to be such a space, but I also have a space in my home dedicated to spiritual tools.

A place where once I’ve lit a candle, or some incense, I am transported to a place of peace.

This has something to do with ritual, but also with energy.

The space is sacred as it is used for nothing else but spiritual healing, and reflection.

Here I include a few pictures of the items in my space:


Many of these items I have spoken about on the blog before, they include Crystals, stones I have picked up from beaches, and a Rune.

My Etheric Wand for healing is there,  a mini statue of the Buddha a friend brought back specially for me from Indonesia, and of course my growing collection of Tarot and Oracle Cards.

There are things not pictured here,  that hold value for my particular spiritual practice, simply because of their sentimentality.

There is a Bible, and there is some poetry.


(image from

Maybe these pictures and this article, will give you ideas on how to create a space of your own.

Much love and peaceful wishes. Txx

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