If You Could Give Yourself Anything…



(image from ferrarispotter.com)



I would give myself the gift of a day with no worrying, and no guilt for resting.


I would give myself permission to not talk to anyone I did not want to.


I would go for an energy healing class, close my eyes, and let it happen.


I would float in the abyss of my closed eyelids, lying on top of grass.


I would enjoy new love wholeheartedly, with no fear of new pain.


I would tell myself that I was wonderful, and deserving of peace.




What would you give yourself?




Now give it.




Much love Txx




P.S – In the spirit of giving to myself, I am giving myself a couple of weeks off from blogging in order to catch up on rest, and MA work.  Over the next two weeks I will only be publishing the “Wednesday Wisdom” posts – see you on the other side!

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