The Magic in Life

So I wasn’t actually going to blog today, having a break and all that.

But I had something to say so here I am.


(Sacrifice, Psychic Tarot by John Holland)

The above card features a rainbow.


A bit like the following picture I took from my bedroom window a couple of weeks ago.

There is something magical about a rainbow.


The sun comes out, even amongst all that rain.

The Sacrifice card equates to The Hangman in tarot, a card about being in limbo, and about seeing things from a different perspective whilst you wait.


A stormy day can turn into a glorious day, in a few seconds. 


The message is that you may be feeling as though your life is a little bit stuck, but in reality it is only a shift in your thinking that needs to occur.


This is when the magic of life can take place.


When I pulled this card for myself over the weekend, suddenly everything that’s been happening in my life the last few months, fell into place.


Life and the universe really does work on its own timeline, but when you are open to receiving without attachment, you are able to let the flow of life carry you where you need to go.


I have been learning some lessons over the last week especially about honesty.


I’ve learnt to really get real about what hasn’t worked in my life so that I could see what will.


I’ve learnt that sometimes you can feel what is about to happen way before it does.


I’ve learnt to open my heart to the right people.


I’ve learnt that sometimes rewards come in the simple act of giving to the right person.


I’ve learnt that mild boredom often means things are going right.


Such is the magic of life.


Shift your perspective, look for the rainbow.


Much love Txx


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