When You Feel Guilty For Being Happy

Most of my life I have felt an innate inexplicable happiness. No matter what is going on in my life it is always present.


Sometimes it is buried really far down, and other times it is bursting out of me.


But this sense of happiness is always there, as I seem to have always understood that God/Source/The Universe is on our side, and if we go to him/she/it, we can get through anything, and feel a joy that is hard to to contain.

You can imagine that discussing these kinds of feelings with people, can earn you the label of ‘weird’ or ‘delusional’. You may also end up upsetting others with the fact that you are full of joy, as they may not be feeling quite so chirpy.

I think this is why along with this constant feeling of happiness, I also have a constant hum of guilt. Why do things seem so easy for me compared to others?

Why can I get over things so much easier?

Where do I find the optimism to keep going?

Where does my faith come from?

The Divine meant for me to know that he/she/it exists, and that we will all at some point experience better.

That there is eternal hope.



So I accept this guilt, whilst working on alleviating it, because this guilt is what connects me to those that are suffering.

This guilt keeps me grounded in understanding that life is tough for many more people than we can imagine.

It reminds me to be kind, and loving to the best of my ability.

So you know what, I would not want that guilt to end, and it won’t until injustice ends.


But that does not mean I can’t still dance with joy in my heart when I wake up each morning.  


Dance with me when you can.



Much love Txx


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