Twin Flames and Soulmates

(Soulmate  –  Romance Angels Oracle Cards, by Doreen Virtue)



*In this post when I mention the word ‘relationship’ I am not necessarily talking about a romantic relationship unless specified. I believe that Soulmates can be platonic or romantic. As for Twin Flames, if this is something that interests you, please go ahead and research further, it is a very personal path.


 In the ‘about’ section of this blog, I describe myself as a Twin Flame Lightworker.


I also refer to this journey here.


It is not so much about the labels, as it is recognising that all the relationships in my life are teaching me something, and that a few significant ones showed, and continue to show me what my life purpose is.


There is a lot of conflicting views on what Soulmates and Twin Flames are, but to me they are simply relationships that you feel are destined, and that set you on a course of life you would never have dreamt of before.


In some ways I believe every relationship you have will be with a Soulmate, because through good or bad times you will learn something, and the Universe/God brought you together for a reason.


However I am going to talk in this post about the kinds of relationships that change your spiritual development, the ones that make you aware of a higher purpose.




(Past Life Relationship –  Romance Angels Oracle Cards, by Doreen Virtue)



I have never really thought about reincarnation until very recently.


I don’t believe that many things are impossible so I hadn’t discounted it either.


The idea that we have many lives, has helped me to make peace with why some people have harder lives than others.


It comforts me to think that we will all get another shot at a better experience.


I am also fascinated by the idea that we could all be existing in multiple planes at any one time.


It started to make sense to me in terms of relationships, when I met someone, a person I feel sure I’ve known before.


I’ve definitely not known this person in this lifetime so why the familiarity?


You know that feeling, when you just feel like you know someone even though you’ve only just met?


Well, I think that feeling is important. It alerts you to the fact that this person is here in your life for a significant reason, to teach you something, or to help you heal.


When you recognize this, it means you are somewhere on your spiritual path where you are able to see things without having to wait for the benefit of hindsight.


This does not mean you will understand everything all at once, or that this person will stay in your life forever, but it does mean that you can take the time to get to know this person, understanding that they are significant.


It also means that you can start to look at why they might have entered your life. What are they trying to teach you?


It helps you to reflect on who you are now.


Spiritual purpose


(Two of cups, Rider Waite Smith Tarot)



So what exactly is a spiritual purpose?


How can this be linked to a Soulmate or a Twin Flame?


My spiritual purpose became clear when I became involved with a certain romantic partner.


The significance of this relationship is that it changed my entire mindset and gave me the confidence to move cities a couple of times,  eventually going on to begin a Creative Writing MA.


Choosing to do this MA, led me to open up a part of me,  that is very psychically in tune with the energies around us.


This ultimately enabled me to start using these gifts for the betterment of myself, and all those who come in contact with me/and or this blog.


This meant that I stepped on to my spiritual path.


Why do I attribute this to a relationship that is no longer in my life?


Because I recognize it as a turning point. I felt it while it was happening. My life changed as I began to get to know this person.


But this person was not supposed to stay.



Understanding the reason. 


(Religious Factors, Romance Angels Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue)


Understanding the spiritual reasons why someone enters your life is imperative to learning the lessons they come to teach you.


It is also invaluable in helping you to let go of the person when the time is right.


Of course, there may be some who you are meant to hold onto, and you will know the difference.


Because there is one very easy way to understand why a person you feel is significant has entered your life.


Be honest with yourself about where you are at.

Easier said than done right?! Sorry!


Last week I wrote a post about how relationships are here to teach us.


If your relationship is fraught with difficulties then you are not yet fully aligned with who/where you are supposed to be.


It is really that simple.


No relationship is going to be great 100% of the time, but it really should be ok almost 100% of the time.


If a relationship is abusive, painful, controlling, makes you feel awful and is full of rage and competition and just strife – it’s here to teach you lessons of self love and self respect.


Once you learn these lessons by taking necessary actions – which will be very difficult –  you will find your life becomes easier.


When the people coming into your life bring calm and stability, you will know that you are closer towards harmony within yourself.



Life is a journey 




It is important to understand that whatever path your life is supposed to take, is a journey.


The destination is not the most important aspect.


Therefore significant people, soulmates, or even twin flames, may not accompany you for the whole journey  – even if they were instrumental in getting you on the path.


When a person you feel you are supposed to know turns up – take some time to see why they are there.


Much love always


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