5 Quiet Places To Hide In London 


So I am always on the look out for quiet places to hang out in, by myself,  in my home town of London.

It is not an easy task I’ll tell you that.

There are also loads of articles on the internet advertising  quiet London places, making them not so quiet anymore!

The most notable places I’ve seen get busier in my lifetime are Kenwood House and Hampstead Hill Gardens – The Pergola.

So I have had to dig a little deeper and use my native Londoner nose to sniff out the places you really will get some quiet.

Whether that be for writing, reading or meditating – outside or inside.
Here goes:

1) Golders Hill Park

Adjacent to Hampstead Hill Gardens, we have my favourite park in London.

It houses a few animals in comfortable surroundings, a butterfly garden and amazing ice cream!

It is close to Hampstead Heath but remains largely untouched by tourism, and is still  mostly used by locals.

During the week it is virtually empty, with plenty of quiet spots to sit in undisturbed.


2) Waterstones, Gower Street 

Nestled in University land, this book shop is opposite UCL in Bloomsbury, and has the cheerful touch of student spirit.

The basement is my favourite spot, by The Mind Body and Spirit section (unsurprisingly) –  it has a great selection of Tarot Cards and books about Angels.


3) Treadwells Bookshop – Store Street



A bookshop about all things occult, they run courses,  have in-house tarot readers and sell books, crystals and essential oils to name just a few things.

It is always pretty quiet here,  and a lovely place to browse.


4) Yum Chaa Tea House – Park Street Camden 

Though this place can get busy, you really can feel alone here if that’s what you are after.

It’s full of people working on their own, taking advantage of the free WiFi and amazing specialist teas.


Plenty of good tables for laptops,  and bright and airy.


A lovely environment where time seems to fly by.


5) The British Library 




Being a Librarian I couldn’t possibly miss out this.


It’s quiet because in most places it has to be.


For serious quiet time this is your place, but also good for people watching!



Where are some of your favourite places to hide?

In London or your own home town?
Much love Txx

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