Wednesday Wisdom #41 – There’s No Place Like Home

Each Wednesday I will begin the day by drawing a divination card for inspiration and posting it here.

With a few words from my intuition, I will give you something to think about for your day, and week.

Use the card as a writing prompt, or simply something to reflect on.

*I pick these cards at random, by shuffling a deck, and allowing a card to fall out on its own accord. Whilst shuffling, I ask God to show me what I need to see for this post, and all who read it. The message I give, may or may not correlate with the traditional meaning of the actual card.  It may not resonate with you, and that is OK – this is just my offering to you who reads this, it is sent with love and best wishes. Take what feels right for you, and leave what does not, for another.






(No Place Like Home – Wisdom of the Oracle Deck, by Colette Baron Reid)


What does home mean to you?

Last year I wrote a post about identity, I think that was the last time that I actually used this card, in regards to this blog.

This card hardly ever comes up for me, when I am reading.

However it makes complete sense that it come up this week.

Last week saw us take stock of our life.

One of the things we may have decided to review is our living situation.

Are you about to move house? Do you want to move house? Are you wanting to move city or even country? Are you working on saving up to buy a house?

Also how is the situation in your home now? Is there something going on that is concerning you?

Perhaps you are about to return home from travelling. Will home be the same as when you left it? Will you feel the same upon your return?

This week we will see some changes start in our home life, and in our home situation.

Maybe it is time to set some firm foundations in our lives. 

Understanding that with stability comes a certain type of freedom, that has the power to inspire yourself, and others.


So much good can grow out of a stable home life.


Let’s use this week, to really think about how we can create this.


Last Sunday 23rd July saw a powerful New Moon in Leo, the first of two this summer.


There will be a Solar New Moon eclipse on August 21st, setting us up for an intense period of life shifts over the coming six months, setting up circumstances that will last for years  to come.

This is the perfect time to make sure we are anchored, that we have somewhere to call home in order to launch from, or perhaps a home to launch to…


Much love Txx

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Wisdom #41 – There’s No Place Like Home

  1. This one spoke to me very loudly on the Wednesday morning you posted it up! I’ve been trying to find a way of living off grid for a while and had interesting developments in that area just the day before so it was really on my mind!

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