Water (Only) Hair Washing – Update


(Featured image from https://nichollekobi.com/’s Facebook page, image above from Pinterest)


So let me start off by saying that I am no longer washing my hair with only water.


Back here, I wrote about simplifying my life further, by experimenting with Water Only Hair Washing.


What I learnt is that we all produce varying amounts of Sebum, which is the hair’s natural oils.


I appear to produce a lot, and so what occurred is an excess of Sebum that made my hair take on a grey-ish tinge.


Even though it increased my curl definition, I also found that it started to make my curls looser, and my hair appeared to get overall straighter.


I also really missed experimenting with new products.


So after a few months I went back to washing my hair with gentle cleansers, and moisturising conditioners – Products made with almost 100% natural ingredients and certainly with no sulphates, or parabens.


I wash and condition my hair roughly about every 4 days.


I am careful not to wash too regularly as to wash away all of my natural oils.


Gentle cleansers leave a good amount of your natural oils intact.


Although I have afro hair, I find that many products specifically for afro hair are far too heavy for me.


I understand that this is down to the fact, that unusually for Afro hair, my hair type is actually quite oily.


It is not as oily as European and Asian hair types, but not as dry as most Afro hair types.


So here are a few of my favourites products of the moment:







Less Is More





I absolutely adore this brand, and the packaging is beautiful, as are the names of the products. The picture above is of Flower Whip, a leave-in conditioner, great for moisturising and styling curls.


I came across this brand at Content Beauty in Marylebone.  They do travel size bottles, at a reasonable price, that last a very long time.



Boucleme/Deva Curl








Boucleme, I came across at Planet Organic stores, and it is very similar to Deva Curl, I am still not entirely sure if they are perhaps owned by the same people. If anyone knows then let me know in the comments below.


Deva Curl, I have ordered online from Amazon.


Lightweight and reasonably priced, these products leave the hair feeling nourished and smelling yummy.


*Remember the Deva Curl product above is free of any sulphates, parabens and silicone.  The Less is More product above is also Certified Organic.   I take great care to use mostly top quality and good natural ingredients in my hair.


**I will also use an entire line, so shampoo, conditioner and Leave-in – all of the same brand so that they all work well together in my hair.




Are there any top quality brands, full of goodness that you like to use in your hair?


Have you tried Water Only Washing, and how did you find it?


Let me know in the comments below!

Much love Txx

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