Wednesday Wisdom #43 – Regeneration

Each Wednesday I will begin the day by drawing a divination card for inspiration and posting it here.

With a few words from my intuition, I will give you something to think about for your day, and week.

Use the card as a writing prompt, or simply something to reflect on.

*I pick these cards at random, by shuffling a deck, and allowing a card to fall out on its own accord. Whilst shuffling, I ask God to show me what I need to see for this post, and all who read it. The message I give, may or may not correlate with the traditional meaning of the actual card.  It may not resonate with you, and that is OK – this is just my offering to you who reads this, it is sent with love and best wishes. Take what feels right for you, and leave what does not, for another.




(Regeneration, Wisdom of the Oracle Deck, By Colette Baron Reid)






I actually pulled the above card last Friday for myself, but I instantly knew it would stand for all of you who read this too.


As we saw last week, things were about to change (I really do believe for the better – no matter what it may look like)  in our lives.


In fact, maybe things have been changing for a long while, and only now can you look back and see that moment when it did, and recognise it. 


This week, we see the card Regeneration. As I write this, I keep hearing the words, ‘regeneration of our spirit’, ‘regeneration of our confidence’ ‘regeneration of that spark’.


Have you lost your spark, your spirit, your confidence?


The things that are changing are going to teach us just what we are capable of.


They are going to show us just who we have become in recent years, and who we are  now.


The changes will serve to show us how we have been using our manifestation skills, if we have understood yet that we are able to co-create with the Divine what we want.

This is not to be mistaken for believing that you have helped to co-create the bad things that may have happened in your life.


No. This is about understanding that from this moment on, you have the power to make the necessary choices, actions or even inaction towards what it is that you want.

This is a moment in time in which a flame has been lit for the future. You decide how long it burns for, and whether it serves to light or destruct.

As I spoke about in my very first blog post, almost a year ago to this day – we have the free will to make what we will out of our lives.

Yes it can sometimes be tremendously hard, but this moment right here and now, as you read this blog, is a chance.

Go forward with confidence, greet the change that is in your life, and meet it halfway.

Make peace with the past, and leap into that future.


Regenerate yourself, even if that means from the ground up. Love yourself enough to stand up, and know that you can.


In whatever way this means for you.


Much love Txx

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