My Yoga and Meditation Routine


(Meditating in my garden)


So finally I seem to have established some kind of Yoga and Meditation Routine, and I would like to tell you about it in this blog.


A few weeks ago, I did a series about Ayurveda.


One of the reasons I got into the concept, was because I was looking for further ways to keep myself grounded.


As someone who now works with energies, on a spiritual and human level a lot, it is sometimes hard to stay grounded.


Just working with the creative energy of poetry can make it hard for me to feel grounded in everyday life.


I realise that for most of my life, if not all of it, I have been working with energies –  we all do.


It’s in that moment where you walk into a room, and know that something bad has just happened, or when you spend time with someone who lowers your mood.


I found that I had a habit of  eating unhealthy but instantly gratifying food to ground me. Carbs like pizza, and sweets like chocolate, helped me to anchor myself in the present moment when I was feeling particularly flighty.


Needless to say it is not the most healthiest way to ground, so looking into Ayurveda strengthned my need to adhere to more healthy grounding methods.


Meditation and Yoga are two wonderful tools for Grounding, and with the help of some online tools, I have managed to create a daily practice for both.


Now those who read this blog regularly will know that I am a meditator, (I have been on numerous retreats) however it has always been difficult to establish a daily practice.


I recently took part in a 21 day online meditation challenge with Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey, this helped me to get used to sitting/lying in meditation everyday.


It was a welcome routine, and got easier every single day.


You see, although I am used to meditating for up to 8 hours a day, I only usually do this for about 4 days, once or twice a year on a retreat.


 Doing 10-15 minutes everyday was a challenge. 


Using any kind of online tool will help. You can check out Deepak’s Meditation tools, or simply run a You Tube search.


I think the key thing here is that even just 5 minutes sat in formal meditation a day, can work wonders.


I find that I was able to release a lot of deep-rooted emotional pain this way. Just by sitting with my breath each day, I was able to gain perspective on subjects that had previously alluded me.


Don’t just take my word for it, try it.


*Pretty much every town/city has a local Buddhist Centre, where non denominational meditation classes, and sessions will be held regularly. They will be free of charge or ask for a small donation. Spend some time at one, it will really help you to learn the basics, and you can return whenever you feel like.



I also do Yoga at home everyday with Yoga with Adriene , available totally for free on You Tube.


20170811_091141(Play time in Corpse pose)


Again it is wise to have been to a least a few in-person classes before attempting an at home yoga practice, just so you know the basics.


The Yoga with Adriene channel includes challenges for 30 days each. Each day will ease into the next, and she really is a great teacher, super easy to follow.


All you need is a mat, and a space at home in which to unroll it!


So my actual routine:

Due to my primary Ayurvedic element of Kapha,  the best time for me to rise is before 6am and exercise before 10am, so a typical week day looks like this in terms of Meditation and Yoga :


5am: Wake up (mess around on my phone!)

5.30am: Yoga Practice 

6am: Get ready for work/ Eat Breakfast

7am -7pm:  At work and travel/Writing at home/Lunch/Dinner

9pm:  Meditation Practice before bed. 


Now don’t let the early morning wake ups deter you! I only do this during the week, and give myself the weekend off if I want.


If I really am not up to it one day, I skip.


If I don’t get round to doing it at these exact times, I do it at another time.


I promise after a little while, it becomes fun and you will look forward to doing it everyday. 




(Yoga in my kitchen)


I know in this day and age, there is a lot of buzz around Meditation and Yoga, remember that these are ancient practices, religious and spiritual at their core. It pays to acknowledge that they will set you on a spiritual path if you let them. Do your research, so that you really know what they mean.




I hope seeing my routine has been helpful, along with the resources that I have discussed.


I have stayed away from recommending any tools that charge, as there really are good ones that do not, making them truly accessible for all.


Remember as a girl who used to hate exercising, and ate chocolate every single day – I know the first step really is the hardest.


Start. It gets easier and more enjoyable, and you will see rewards in your overall health and well-being.


Much love Txx

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