Allowing Things To Happen


(The Swan, Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards, by Colette Baron Reid)



Last week we looked at the process of allowing.


We mainly focused on allowing things to leave our lives.


In this blog I want to look at how we can allow things to happen in our lives.


Due to fear, I often hold myself back.


It is something I have never really been conscious of, though I talked about it in terms of self sabotage.


Not allowing things to happen is a form of self sabotage.


I have this thing, this voice in my head that I am sure we all have. A voice that tells me not to go for the things I really want, because it is so unlikely that it will work out.


This voice is insistent and seemingly so rational.


It is running off the basis of all the things in the past that have not worked out, and so it holds a lot of gravitas.


It says:  “No! Don’t do that, you will get hurt. It won’t work out. You are not deserving of that!.”


Since September ushered in its darker nights and cooler breeze, I have begun to really examine this voice, and it has started to change its tune.


“Do it anyway! You will be fine if it does not work out, if you don’t try you won’t get!”


The crazy thing is, that this more supportive, loving and encouraging voice, does not require that I do much at all, except not stop myself.


It requires that I allow myself to make mistakes, to take steps into the unknown, to lay my heart out on the line. To admit when I have no idea what is going on, to admit when I have made a wrong call.


This voice allows me to live in full color, because bad and good are a part of life.


Being scared of one or both of these will result in stagnation.


So how can we allow things to happen for us?



Let the Dead Leaves Drop.


As wrote about in this blog, you have got to let go of the things in your life that are begging to be released.

Those stale situations, desires or beliefs, that you know deep down, have overstayed their welcome in your thoughts or physical reality.

Nothing good and new will be sustainable until you are able to ascertain, and take action on what needs pruning.



Face the new. 


The next step is to face full on what is working in your  life, and how you can make it better.

What things do you love doing? What repetitive thoughts do you harbor about your future?

What are your secret dreams and wants, I guarantee that they are talking to you, all you have to do is really listen to them.



Let it happen 


I have found in my life, that the things that are meant to happen, the things that will really make me happy, are already waiting and willing to come in.

A lot of the time, I am  looking in the wrong direction. Unwilling to let things go, or really look at what it is that I want.



Next week, we will look more closely at letting good things happen in our lives, and allowing for major transformation to take place.

Much love and thank you for reading.



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