All The Good Things



Last week we looked at allowing things to happen in our lives. In this post, I want to specifically focus on allowing good things to happen to/for us.

If like me, you have felt the last couple of years to be rather challenging, you may be feeling as though you are long overdue a few good, happy and easy things to make their way into your life.

However, what you may not realise is that all the challenges you have been through in the last couple of years, are what have made all the good things coming your way possible.  

These challenges may still be making their last pathways through your life, and so temporarily in a darkest before the dawn moment, you could find yourself rehashing a lot of pain from the past right now.

You may feel as though the new wonderful things are in view, yet you still can not reach them!

That is for sure how I feel right now.

So here are a few more tips following on from last week. This time specifically to help us allow the good to come into our lives.

Allow yourself to grieve what you have been through 

As we saw in last week’s  Wednesday Wisdom – part of releasing the past, in order to let the new good things in, is being able to grieve for the difficulties we have had to face.

This is the first step – acknowledging exactly what it is you have been through and crying for it – so that you can see how far you have come.

Only when those tears have dried up, will you be able to see the sun.

*This does not mean forgetting about who or what you have been grieving. You may well continue to grieve in some way for that loss, the rest of your life. Instead this is about honouring the pain and meeting it head on, so that you have the courage to move forward, with the strength that grief would have awarded you. Sometimes knowing that you are still standing after something awful, makes you realise that you can move forward after all.

Believe that you deserve the good things coming your way. 

Now this is a big one, that will be getting a post all of its own shortly.

Believing that you are deserving of good things, is difficult for many.

Sometimes we profess to think we are deserving, yet are over compensating for not actually feeling deserving.

Sometimes the fact we don’t feel like we deserve good things, is obvious by the state of our lives.

Start small. Treat yourself everyday to something that makes you feel good, a bath, a piece of chocolate, time to read a good book.

Understand that what you give to yourself is what others will give to you.

If you do not truly love yourself, others will be unable to see how to truly love you.

Treat yourself in the way you would like others to treat you, with respect kindness and love.

Try and be patient 

Understand that good things take time.

Often the things that happen the quickest in life are not sustainable or strongly rooted.

Situations with firm foundations for growth are the things that will make your life shine.

Be prepared to wait a little for the good things to come in, all the while enjoying the good things that are already there.

Enjoy the good things in your life already. 

See the everyday joy that is already present in your life.

The love of a good friend, time spent with a pet, or having enough money for a morning coffee out.

The little and simple things are what give a life meaning.

Look out for next Saturday’s post where we will discuss allowing our lives to truly transform for the better.

Much love Txx

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