Connecting To Your Inner Child


Please be aware that this exercise may bring up painful feelings and memories from your past.

Do not do this exercise if you suspect that you may be triggered.

If you have or suspect you have any traumatic events in your past, try and get the courage to see professional help.



inner child

Blessings of the Inner Child – by artist Mark Anthony Jacobson (found on




I want you to sit somewhere quiet and set an alarm for 5 minutes time.

Close your eyes and picture yourself as a young child.

It might help for you to get hold of a photo of yourself from when you were a child and look at that before closing your eyes.

Ask your child self what it needed from you back then.

Ask your child self what it needs from you now.

Listen for an answer.

An answer may not be easy to come by.

You may find this frustrating.

Try and sit with yourself for these 5 minutes, even if it is just remembering what it felt like to be a child.

Try to actively comfort yourself if need be.

Be prepared to feel a lot or a little emotional.


Repeat this as a regular practice, and use what you learn to comfort yourself when needed.


Try to actively encourage and comfort yourself through each day, be your own cheerleader.




Much love Txx

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