Why the World needs Superheros – Part 3: Daredevil




So guys, another instalment from the: ‘Why the World Needs Superheros” series I started last year.


Here is number one, and here is number two.

Today I want to look at the Superhero Daredevil and what we can learn from him in our lives .




(image from Den of Geek)

Daredevil (aka Matt Murdock) is blinded by a radioactive substance, and his superhero powers come from the heightened state of his other senses, and perhaps most powerfully, his gut instinct.


The fact that Daredevil lives in ‘the dark’ is symbolic of our shadow selves, as is the ‘Devil’ part of his name.


(The Devil, Rider Waite Smith Tarot)

Yet as I spoke about in post number two of this series that looked at The Batman, our shadow side is not necessarily ‘bad’.


The way that Daredevil justifies committing violent acts, whilst being a good person, is to don the persona of a masked crusader, like all superheroes do.

But what about the rest of us who have to come to terms with our shadow sides, with no masks and sexy costumes to help?


Well, we often behave as if we are blind to these parts of ourselves, or we truly do have difficulty seeing and accepting them.

Though we may not harbour any vigilante tenancies, I guarantee there are thoughts and deeds that we would rather keep under wraps.

The things that we have done to hurt others in the past, the secret and risqué behaviour we may exhibit behind doors.


The hidden temptations that lurk in the back of our minds.

How can we merge our dual nature and ultimately  become a force for good, as a whole person, full of light and shadow?


By working on our gut instinct and heightening our senses.


(The High Priestess, Rider Waite Smith Tarot)



The High Priestess above is an enigmatic woman.

She holds the knowledge of  darkness and light and is the gateway to the unconscious mind.

She holds all the tools we need to look within ourselves for answers, and if she appears in a reading,  points to the need to trust our own intuition.

She is the epitome of Matt Murdock and Daredevil in one entity.


We too can actively acknowledge our shadow side, and let it sit beside our public persona.

This will lead to more authentic living.

You may then realise that what you always saw as a shadow attribute, once brought into the light can be utilised in a good way.

All that anger you sometimes harbour? Understand that it may be pent up frustration about the state of the world, how you see people being treated, the poverty that surrounds you. Can you utilise this anger by giving more to others?


That person you lied to? Understand why you lied. What were you uncomfortable with? Were you just trying to protect yourself? Next time speak up for what you really need.

It is in these ways that we can transform some of our most prominent challenges into an opportunity for growth.

Much love Always Txx

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