Why the World needs Superheros – Part 4: Superman




So those of you who know me very well, know that my favourite superhero of all time is The Batman.


However, I do also feel a lot of love for Superman (yes I describe it as love 🙂 )


I was beyond excited when the Batman Vs Superman film was announced and was one of the few perhaps, who was not disappointed when I watched it.


I am now eagerly awaiting the release of the Justice League film.


If it is not clear yet that I am a very slight comic book geek, than I’m surprised! However, My older brother in particular is much more into them, and I used to read the boxes of comics he left in the family home when he moved out.


I always gravitated towards reading the comics of the Superheroes mentioned in this series; Batman, Daredevil and the X-Men.


I only really got into Superman through the films released from the 1970s onwards starring Christopher Reeve and the TV series Smallville.


However I have always been struck by the purity prevalent in Superman (aka Clark Kent).



(image from ComicBook.com)


He really is a good guy whether all dressed up or not.


To me it is very significant that he is not actually of this world.


Is this the only way that he can maintain this goodness? Because he is not human?


The parallels between Superman and Jesus Christ have always appeared very clear to me.



( image from firewireblog )



Just like Jesus, Superman is  portrayed as the saviour of this world.



So what can we learn from Superman about how to live our lives?


Superman is compassionate and Superman is kind.


He is always singling out the person whom he can rescue, and deliver safely to the ground.


How about we try and exercise some of that compassion?



I bet there is someone in your life that is looking for some help. It may not be immediately apparent, and it may not be someone you know at all.

It could be the lady you sit next to on the bus everyday.


If we can weave a bit of compassion and kindness into our everyday lives, by smiling at a stranger, letting someone on the tube in front of us, or taking the time to listen to our friend moan about her day – we can be a saviour in our everyday life.



Much love always Txx

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